Interview- with Mukul Deva

Today I am very luckey to interviewing Mukul Deva author of five Bestsellers.He is multi-talented person.1505563_10204225564572105_6341862062643923745_n

Let’s start the interview….

Q1. Tell us little about your background and yourself.
After completing my secondary education at La Martiniere College Lucknow I joined the Indian Army. Having served in the infantry , I took premature retirement as a Major and then set up my first company, MSD SECURITY PVT LTD, which is headquartered at Delhi, and operates in about 70 cities in India. At about this time I also started writing and have since published over a dozen books in four different genres; fiction, business, self help and historical. in 2009 I migrated to Singapore and then established my second company INFLUENCE SOLUTIONS PTE LTD, which currently provides customised Learning & Development solutions to MNCs and government Organisations in 13 countries, in English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean. I also work as an Executive Coach and Mentor, mostly to C-level leaders and have served as a Mentor on the UNITAR Afghan Fellowship.
Q.2 What were you like at school?

Not very inspiring I must confess. I was not very good at studies, though I loved to read and write.

Q.3 What is your ambitions for your life?

Our ambitions change as we grow. At this point in life I am very keen to contribute back to society and community by helping people live more fulfilled lives. which I guess is why I do what I do.
Q.4 You had written five bestsellers in five consecutive years, where do your ideas come from?
I always believe that if you have a story to tell, and are very passionate about then the ideas and words to communicate them, come on their own.
Q5. How do you feel as a bestselling writer?
I feel great. Being a writer is important to me, since it allows me to express myself and share my ideas and thoughts. Knowing that the books have been well received by the audience is a fantastic affirmation of my efforts.
Q.6 Who is your inspiration and Why?
Life is my inspiration. I always believe that I am merely a profiler of the times I live in, and I try to capture as much as what is happening around me in my books; the beauty and the ugliness.
Q.7 How you got the name “The God of all things”?
That, I am afraid, was the tagline used to describe my by a magazine, which had interviewed me. I guess it was given to me as an acknowledgement of the fact that I do many things simultaneously. However I must confess that the person who accorded me with that was too kind. You see, it is not unique – all of us are multi-potentialites; all of us have the capability to do whatever we want and not just get tied down to any one thing. We simply need to recognise this and act without fear or limitation.

Q.8 You are an bestselling author,certified coach and motivational speaker how do you manage these things in your life style? 

Actually Ayush, each of these things define who I am and also strengthen the others aspects. The author makes me non-judgemental and allows me to see things simply as they are, and to understand that each person’s reality is as right (or as wrong) as anyone else’s. This after all is what enables me to write a story from both viewpoints; the ‘good,’ and the ‘bad’. All these skills help me coach and mentor better, since I am able to easily understand the points of view of the people I work with. I then use these real-life stories of people as a motivational speaker to help others who may be going through the same things. That is why my talks are generally very thought-provoking and people relate to them so well.
Q.9. What difficulties you had faced in past and you are facing now?
I think if I was to make a list of these problems, you will need to have a separate blog just for them…:) You see, problems and difficulties are an integral part of life. It is only when you hit rock bottom do you realise who you really are and what you are actually capable of.  Also difficulties make you appreciate life more; remember its as they say, that you cannot appreciate happiness if you don’t know what sorrow feels like.
Q.10 What are the things do you like most?
I love writing, reading, swimming, yoga, playing pool, bowling, watching movies and going for long walks where I can be in touch with nature. Most of all I love watching and mingling with people.
Q.11 At last what is your message for your fans?
Believe in yourself – that is the only thing you need to succeed. And let your intentions be pure and honourable – then life will give you every possible happiness.
Interviewed by – Ayush Kumar

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