Interview-with Author Arun Prabhu-Aradhya

This is very inspirational and motivational interview with Author Arun Prabhu-Aradhya.


1.What is your ambitions for your writing?
I had taken up writing as a means to create change in the way society thinks. that is why I chose to write self help books but not in the dry format. I try to imbibe them into a story form to create interest.

2 When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
I had a passion for writing but i never wanted to be one. I wanted to create a change in the society. I used to express myself well in written format since i was a bit shy type expressing vocally. So I took up writing as the best medium to express my thoughts. thus the transition to a writer.

3 What do you think makes a good story?
Anything that is simple … which emotionally connects to a common man .. and the reader can relate to it, makes a good story.

4.Who is your inspiration?
Lot many of them. I get inspired very easily. everybody has something to inspire. I get inspired by women. They are most beautiful wonder God has created. They are more strong. They are disciplined. They are good motivators . They have compassion. Whenever I see a women do something extraordinary I tell myself if she can do wonders why cant you? Shree Amitabh Bachchan is my ideal.

5.Did you face any difficulties in publishing your 1st book?
Nothing new about this. Every new writer faces this. I got rejected from all publishers. So i had no option but to self publish.

6.What were you like at school?
A shy boy who was good in studies , good in arts wanting to excel in everything but an introvert.

7.As a child , what did you want to do when you grew up?
A doctor. to help people as much as i could.

8.What”s next for you? What are you working on now?
My second book is out for publishing. Niharika is a story about a single mom with a girl child. her struggles and her victories. also started writing my third book about a young girl and her struggles through love , marriage and divorce.

9.If you could not be author, what would your ideal carrier be?
A coach or a motivational speaker or a movie maker.

10. What do you see, where publishing industry is going in future?
Publishing industry is sitting on the verge where either it can die altogether or make a new mark for itself. Though technology has helped publishing but at the same time it has reduced paper back readers. The ebook has eaten away real book reader market. nothing great than possessing a book in physical form. Though technology has facilitated publishing industry. Now we can print books very fast and even there is a technology where books can be printed on demand. The challenge is to retain reader base for physical and traditional ways of reading.

12. What is your advice for aspiring writers?
My advice for aspiring writers is to keep writing. Many a writers die a premature death because they do not have belief in their product. There never has been a writer who can please all the masses. Some will like your book some wont. no matter. Just stick to the target audience you want to focus and keep writing and one day you will make the mark. There never has been any writer in this world who became an established writer in his first book. It takes at least 2-3 books for the world to recognize you as a writer. So just believe in yourself and keep writing.


By- Ayush Kumar


3 responses to “Interview-with Author Arun Prabhu-Aradhya

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  2. Very good interview. Author Arun Prabhu-Aradhya is a very motivational, brilliant writer, I have read his first book “Count your chicken before you lay them”, excellent book with superb writing. All the best ! Keep writing !

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