Interview-with Moitrayee Bhaduri

Today, I am very happy because I am interviewing one of my favourite Author One and Only Moitrayee Bhaduri. Moitrayee Bhaduri is Author of the Book “the Sinister silence”.1798057_10153462653519480_619817650507226872_n

Let’s start the interview…

1. Tell us something about your background?
MB: I grew up in Kolkata – graduated from Loreto College and completed my M.A from Jadavpur University. Then I joined the IT industry as a content writer. I worked in Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Mumbai with reputed IT organizations in different writing and people managerial roles. I have been fond of reading and writing since childhood.

2. Where did you get the idea to create a lady character “Mili Ray” for your first Book?

MB: I love detective stories and always wanted to create a female detective. Mili Ray’s character has been inspired by several strong people I have met over the years.

3. What is your expectation from your book and from your writing?

MB: I hope my book strikes a chord with readers. So far the response has been positive – fingers crossed 🙂

4. When did you realize for the first time that you should write a book?

MB: Long, long ago. May be when I was in Class IV.
5. Are you only interested in writing thrillers? Or we can expect books in other genres too from one of the most talented newcomers in the writing industry?
MB: Thank you for your kind words Ayush! For the time being, I want to write suspense thrillers/murder mysteries. But yes, I enjoy reading love stories. So later on, I might explore that genre too.
6. According to you what are the qualities of a Bestselling Book and a bestselling writer?
MB: I think a writer should focus on his/her writing. It is the reader who makes the book or the writer a bestseller.

7. What is your advice for aspiring writers?
MB: Write everyday, read a lot, and never give up. It is very important to stay self-motivated if you have a dream.

8. Why should a school/college student choose writing as a career option?

MB: It totally depends on your goal in life. You need to be passionate about your career, whatever you choose.

9. How can a debut author publish his book without any investment?

MB: ‘Time’ and ‘Effort’ are the biggest investments that an author has to make. No other investments are required!

10. What are the difficulties a person who starts writing for the first time faces? And what is your advice for those people?

MB: There are several challenges. First time authors who are new to the publishing world take time to familiarise themselves with the industry. Finding a publisher is a big challenge that I faced. I was really lucky when Srishti Publishers selected my manuscript for publication. My advise to new writers is that ‘Don’t give up when you face rejections. I know it is disheartening but good things take time! Be true to your writing and sharpen your skills continuously. Also, be open to feedback.’

11. Who is your inspiration and why?

MB: Several people have inspired me since childhood starting with my mother, who is a writer herself. I admire Swami Vivekananda, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, and Mother Teresa for their positive influence on people and society.
12. What is your message for your reader?
MB: Stay happy, spread happiness, and don’t forget to read ‘The Sinister Silence’ :). Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous 2016.
Posted by- Ayush Kumar

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