Interview-with Sandeep Sharma

Sandeep Sharma is very young and talented author. Here is the interview with Sandeep Shama.


Let’s start the interview…

1.Tell us something about your background and you.

S.S- Starting with a way too formal answer from my side. Hello Ji, my name is Sandeep Sharma, born with few dreams and right now I am just following the path to make them a reality. My superhero is my father who never stops me to run away from the usual life and settle for my dream castle. By profession, I am an engineer.

2.What made you want to start writing, not just reading?

S.S- Let me take you few years back when I was a child. On one fine day, I saw my father burning a diary that was way too special for him. I knew nothing of that diary at that time but few years later, I got to know that diary contained his creations. That day, he wasn’t burning his diary but was burning his dreams. That burning diary transformed into a burning desire of a child. May be that was the day i thought, I will live the dream of my father.

3. What things have you read that have especially helped your writing?

S.S- I love to read Sydney Sheldon. He was the first one who shaped my writing style. Then came many other like Dan Brown, David Baldacci and in Indian writing, I love to read Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi and many other.

4.What’s the hardest thing about writing for you?

S.S- Hardest thing while writing is to decide upon the names of the character. Another thing that worries me a lot is writing some funny dialogues. You have to be really careful that it does tickles the funny bone of your reader or else it would be total waste and that will deject your reader from your book. While writing HDM3, it took me pretty long to make it picture perfect when it comes to writing something funny. Thankfully, it turned out good.

5.Do you feel like it was harder for you to get attention as a young author?

S.S-In today’s era, it is difficult for every debutant to get the attention he always wanted to have. You should have a perfect plan to jump in the writing field. In India, now-a-days, one books release everyday and within such a competition, surviving is a tough job. Thankfully, I had few of my friends who did great work to promote the book and helped me in every way possible.

6.Tell us something abaut your Book “Hey Dad Meet My My”? And why people should read this book?

S.S- Hey Dad meet my mom (HDM3) is India’s first Romantic comedy filled with horrifying suspense. It was an experiment to study the Indian readership. We wanted to deliver something that couldn’t be expected by having first look at the cover and the blurb as well. This book is the outcome of a great research and brilliant brains who worked tirelessly for it. You should read this book if you think that you want to read something different. Just like the title, even the story is unusual.

7.What is your advice for aspiring writers?

S.S- Have patience and don’t rely on anyone. Have faith on your work. Don’t write to earn money but to earn the reader for the story that you have written. For more advises, you can contact me anytime (*Winks*)

8. What do you wish you knew before you started?

S.S- It’s my new year resolution that I’ll not wish or expect anything.

9.What do your friends say about your writing habit?

S.S-  *Laughs* Now this is the best question. Before I got published, everyone laughed (Except few) but now things have changed a lot. Those who laughed earlier are taking the autographs now.

10. What is your message to your readers?

S.S-  The book in your hand is someone’s dream, respect it.


By- Ayush Kumar



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