It’s Not Right… But it’s Okay(Book review)

About the book-51Sh3VZ5y3L._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_

‘…if we have a past that we aren’t particularly proud of, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a promising future.’

Everyone has a past. But what if it becomes daunting baggage and spills over into the future?

A fiercely independent, career-driven girl, Angira, has recently changed her Facebook status to ‘single in Mumbai’. While work has been her only priority, a twist of fate brings Ved – a strikingly handsome footballer, the heart-throb of the college – into her life. He seems genuine and fun-loving, but based on past experiences, Angira knows better than to trust him. Despite their contrasting personalities, the two develop an unexpected bond – a link for which they are about to risk everything they have.

A riveting tale about incorrigible lovers with a dark past, It’s Not Right…but It’s Okay is a true story about finding friendship and love again.

About the Author-

12670585_1693089124238476_7054237343074256080_n.jpgAnuj Tiwari is the author of the bestselling books, Journey of two hearts and it had to be you. A speaker in many colleges and universities, his stories are based on real-life incidents that he has recorded over the years. With an MBA degree in finance and human resources management, Anuj works in Mumbai as an IT professional and marketing consultant. To know more about him, visit or, or follow him on Twitter @AnujOfficial.


Story is written in present form. Young generation will definitely love it.

The story starts with Arjun he is also an Author who writes love stories. Then Anushka Arjun’s best friend enters in the story, they both met in South City mall in Kolkata. Then  Anushka introduce her sister in the story ‘Angira’ she wants to do fashion designing in Mumbai but her Mother not allow her to do that, then Arjun convence  Angira’s mom. Then story came in Mumbai where Angira met an Anglo Indian boy Ved Gulati by chance. Ved plays football and he is also College friend and flat-mate of Arjun. They both fall in the love. After that a girl Iona (ex-girlfriend of Ved) creates misunderstanding in relationship of Ved and Angira. Then Angira get depressed, Arjun clears the misunderstanding between them then they both met in Bangauru they spent some romantic time there. Then they return back in Mumbai and every thing ends happily.

Story became more and more interesting chapter wise. Thank you! Anuj Tiwari for wonderful story.


Story:- ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5


Cover is fantastic. Theme of the cover match with the  Title.

You can easily order this book from Amazon or Flipkart
(just click on the link above)
You’ll enjoy reading it.
Thankyou for reading this…

by-Ayush Kumar


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