Amisha Sethi (Interview).

Amisha Sethi (born 30 August 1980) is an Indian author. Her novel “It doesn’t hurt to be nice”  was published by Shristi Publishers.


Here is the Interview…

Q.1-Tell us something about your background an you.
A.S- Well I am a simple girl with simple values and a purpose to be a good human being with each passing day. I am a writer, marketing professional and also a motivational speaker.
Alumni of Kellogg School of management and amity business school and graduate from Delhi university.

Q.2- When and why did you being writing?
A.S- Well I started writing my first book in 2013. The purpose of writing this book was to spread the messages of love,kindness and being beautiful inside in a fun and entertaining way. Hence a spiritual entertainer.

Q.3- What was the hardest part of writing your book?
A.S- Well the challenges were many specially the fact that I was absolutely new to this however every experience was worth it. Getting a good publisher who believes in the purpose of writing this book beyond just the commercial aspect of it was tough.

Q.4-What are the difficulties you faced in the process of publishing your Debut Novel?
A.S- Finding a good publisher was a big hindrance. Once the publisher was signed,the next step was to bring the book to market. Creating visibility not just on the fact that here comes a new book but the fact that why one should be reading this book was difficult. However I am glad I just went with the flow. One step led to another and then eventually the book is a
huge success.

Q5. Can you share a little of your current work with us?
A.S- Sure. So my next book is called Love is simple but why Men are so complex.

Q6.According to you What are the difficulties a person who starts writing for the first time faces? And what is your advice for those people?
A.S- Well the biggest barrier for new Authors is “will I get my audience”…and also the confidence in their own script combined with a good editor support….my advice would be to go ahead and write, no matter how raw the thoughts are. Also have a purpose which I feel should be beyond just selling the book. Once you have your art ready,you must get it edited.

Q7. Why should a school/college student choose writing as a career option?And do you think there is good earning for a new author in writing industry?
A.S- Well writing as a career is an individual choice. I am not sure about the good earning though but if one is happy about the fact that he or she is doing what they love then money becomes secondary.

Q8. According to you what are the qualities of a Bestselling Book and a bestselling writer?
A.S-Well a best selling book is able to strike a chord with its readers and same goes for a best selling writer. The other qualities are the story, relevance and way the whole package is delivered for the reader.

Q9.Who is your inspiration and why?
A.S- My inspiration is my own self realisation, moment of truth when I realised my own purpose of life. I am also hugely inspired by Yoga Vashist, other ancient spiritual scriptures and upanishads.

Q10.What is your message for your readers and followers.
A.S- Love yourself first which is the starting point by becoming a beautiful person inside out. Also love and kindness are the two amazing qualities which can brings you peace and abundance of love in return. A world full of love and laughter is far more superior and exotic than a world full of money and technology.



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