SHIVI PANDEY was born in Patna on 22nd April, 1993 and grew up in West Bengal. In his early childhood he was admitted to a boarding school. He passed his ICSE examinations in 2009 from Himali Boarding School located in Kurseong, Darjeeling. He is a jovial, carefree and fun loving person. He is also a source of motivation for his friends sometimes. Ever since his childhood he has been an avid reader which motivated him to focus his expressions and pen it down. It is not only his hobby but also his passion to write. His poem was published in Kritika the college magazine which gave him focus to write.He is an engineer graduated in 2015, April from KIIT UNIVERSITY. His self-belief and selfless attitude are just few good points about him. He firmly believes that not quantity but the quality matters and does not discriminate between people but skill.

here is interview…

Q1. Tell us something about your background and you.
SHIVI PANDEY- I am from Patna. In my initial days I was into a boarding school.
I spent 7 long years of my life in Darjeeling where the seed of
writing was sown. Then I completed my B-Tech from KIIT University
after which I am working in COGNIZANT since a month.

Q2. You said you are from Patna and you have done B-tech too then can
you tell us little about your journey to become an Author?
SHIVI PANDEY- Pursuing  b-tech does not mean you cannot be an author. Engineering was my
interest but writing is my passion and pursuing passion always
gives pleasure and satisfaction. I am an author not by choice but by

Q3. What is your motive behind writing your book “Love story? Seriously!”
SHIVI PANDEY-My motive behind this book is very simple. Mostly love stories are
shaped around a girl and a boy meeting each other and falling in love
but it is partially true. There are many love stories that do not
reach their destination and this is one of them and therefore the name

Q4. What are your expectations with your book?
SHIVI PANDEY- An author’s expectation is always high and he or she wants to see
it in the bestsellers but then I want my readers to connect with the
book and want to touch as many hearts as possible.
. Q5. Who is your inspiration and why?
SHIVI PANDEY- My inspiration has been my passion. Indeed it is the passion that
drives you to do anything in life you are really mad to achieve.

Q6. When and how you realized you should be an author?
SHIVI PANDEY- Well realizing thing… I realized it way back when I was just a
reader but getting myself to pen down a book took a lot of time
because thinking about something and then implementing it are two
different scenarios.

Q7. What is your message to aspiring writers?
SHIVI PANDEY- I am not that big to suggest anyone but just one message. Search
your passion and if you are passionate about something, just HIT IT
without any second thought.
Q8.  What is your message for your readers?
SHIVI PANDEY- My message to the readers is simple. You go for love stories, go
for love story? seriously !  this time. I hope all will like my writing.

by- Ayush Kumar



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