Falling In Love (Book Review)

Book:- Falling In Love
Author:- Neeraj Mishra
Publication:- RJ Publishers
Genre:- Love Story (Fiction)



   Neeraj Mishra is a 2004 batch Hotel Management graduate from Institute of Hotel Management, which is one of the pioneer institutes of India. He is a hotelier turned banker turned writer. “Falling In Love…” is his debut novel and he hopes to write many more. He believes in the philosophy of- “When your passion turns into profession, your work becomes worship.”
He is currently working in Banking Industry. When he is not sanctioning loans or writing, he picks up his Royal Enfield and goes on long rides. He is a writer who cooks well. He enjoys travelling and is a complete foodie.

About the Book


    He was witty. She was traditional. He was happy go lucky. She was adorable next door girl. He instantly fell in love with her. She cocooned her feelings. He wanted her. She refused him. Who wins? Why she refused him? Will they meet? Will he be able to sweep her from her feet? Are love stories really for forever? Does love happen only once? How far can someone go to get his love?
     Come, be a part of this eternal saga, a journey. A journey of two souls falling for each other where you will find funny one liners, punches and oodles of romance. If you have ever fallen in love, it’s your story, it’s our story. Relive, cherish and be a part of those moments, once again!


The book is very light weight, So when you will hold the book in your hand it will give you little more convenience.

Story have the power to keep attention of the readers from beginning  to end. The story is about ‘journey of two souls falling love’…

The story starts with Manav a young guy who came to Bangalore to full fill his dreams to become a world class chef but his father did not support him. He survives in new city somehow with limited money. Then Manav met a girl (online). And he fall in love with the girl Sriti, Sriti first refuse his love but she can’s stop her self to falling in love with Manav. And after few  year  relationship they manage to convince their family for their marriage.

The ending of the story is like a bollywood  movie(Happy ending). But the reality of the book makes it different from the others. This book have the story of a common man how he survive to full fill his dreams, how he survive to impress his love and at last how he survive to impress the family of Sriti.

The book teaches you that a person can do any thing for love.

Simple but effective writing style of the Author makes story more interesting. During reading you will find that you are emotionally connected with the book. The story have complete package of emotion and fun.

There are many funny movements in story like chicken robbery.  I like the kind and impressive behavior of Sriti, her respect for his father, her respect for her family and her love, will touch your hart.

Some where the narration of the story is very simple and some where it is very impressive. So, overall narration is average but the innocent and honest  writing style  of the author covers his fault in narration.




Cover is bright with vibrant colour but can be more impressive.

by- Ayush Kumar

email- ayushguptaboom121@gmail.com



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