The Most Visited Countries in the World

5. Italy with 46,119,000 foreign visitors each year

Italy’s government is in shambles, but that hasn’t dampened tourism to the nation one bit. There are just so many reasons that visitors travel to Italy: the amazing food,, the romantic canals in Venice, the Renaissance art of Florence, the high fashion of Milan and the charming towns of Sicily, just to name a few.

The magnificent Duomo up close and personal with its stunning views of the city.

4. Spain with 56,694,000 foreign visitors each year

Spain may be in the midst of a five-year long economic recession, but its tourism industry is still booming. And with epic tourist destinations like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla, it’s easy to see why. Travelers visiting Spain will find cheap prices, world-class art museums, a high-speed rail network, amazing nightlife and more tapas restaurants than they can shake a fork at.

The exterior of Casa Batlló in Barcelona is covered in small pieces of glass to give it a mosaic look.

3. China with 57,581,000 foreign visitors each year

China receives a ton of international visitors and these numbers don’t even take Hong Kong or Macau into account, two autonomous cities of China that combine for about 30 million foreign arrivals each year. The number of visitors traveling to China is only expected to increase, as the country continues to modernize and open up its doors to international travelers. Top-tier attractions in the country include the historic sights of Beijing, the city life of Shanghai, the mountains of Guilin and the Terracotta Army near Xi’an.

Yangshou and its karst mountains are one of the most famous scenes of rural China.

2. United States with 62,711,000 foreign visitors each year

Despite the country’s stringent visa restrictions on foreign visitors, the United States still manages to be the world’s second most visited country in a true testament to its sheer number of quality holiday destinations.

Inside the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum.

1. France with 81,411,000 foreign visitors each year

France is the world’s most visited nation by far, with almost 20 million more foreign visitors per year than the United States, and it has been for a very long time. Paris is, of course, the country’s chief attraction, with the Eiffel Tower alone getting about six million visitors each year! Other attractions in France include the ski resorts in the Alps, the rugged Normandy coast and the many beautiful seaside cities and towns on the French Riviera.

Paris isn't called the most romantic city in the world for no reason.


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