A walk in the Rain (Book Review)

Book:- A walk in the Rain
Author :- Udai Yadla
Publication:- Revelation House
Genre :- Fiction


About the Book :

   Love is the poison that kills you. Love is the elixir that keeps you alive. An unreciprocated love keeps you alive, but kills every day. Heartbroken Sunny lives a reclusive life, trapped in the past, living in his memories. He has no complaints about his life, but refuses to embrace the present. Saloni is a prostitute who is desperate to earn money by any means. She does not care about exploiting others to fulfill her purpose. Fate unites the loner and the prostitute to embark on a life changing journey of retribution and self discovery. A surprise planned for his birthday turns into a tragedy that claims the life of his dear friend, triggering a series of unbelievable events. Sunny’s calm life suddenly turns into a turbulent storm. With nothing left to live for, vengeance becomes his ultimate mission. His reluctant alliance with a prostitute to trace the killer sets him onto a nerve racking adventure of life and death. A walk in the rain is an intricate tale of intense emotions, driven by hair raising twists and turns.


Writing style of the Author is unique and very different. When I recived  the book I was not expecting much with it I thought it will be a typical Indian love story but while reading I was surprised with the story and writing style of the Author it was truly unexpected every part of the book was very interesting and I finished it in one go.

I really liked the love and friendship between Sunny and Sandy. The story revolves around two main characters Sunny and  Saloni.

There is incredible twist and turns in the story. The story is fast moving and gripping. I was able to connect with the characters  The romantic and friendship part of the book is very well handled.  The flow of the book was amazing from start to end. Narration by the author is also very impressive and beautiful.

I LOVED this book. The book is a awesome and it is highly recommended for those people who want to read something interesting and different.




Story :- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5/5



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