Married Virgins (Book Review)


  • Paperback: 494 pages
  • Publisher: Frog Books
  • Language: English

About the book-

“Born, brought up and graduated in Medicine from the ‘orange city’, Nagpur, Rituparna pursued his professional career in the beautiful city of Dehradun situated near the Himalayas and Ganges. The soothing climate of the city brought out his inner author and he penned down his debut novel Married Virgins. He is a voracious reader and likes to read works from different genres of fiction like romance, mystery, thriller, fantasy and historical. Sexuality is his favourite topic among all. He has now returned to his hometown where he works as a professional medical administrator. He takes time out for his passion of reading and writing. He is currently working on his second novel on sexuality cult.”


Writing style of the Author is very simple and easy to understand.

The cover of the book is perfect and exactly matches with the theme of the story. The title of the book is very impressive and interesting too ‘ Married Virgins’. The book is divided into  forty four short chapters which makes it very easy  to read.

The story revolves around two main characters Raghav and Akira. I really like the way of presentation of the story. The second part of the story was little better than the first part.

The pace of the book was very nice but in the middle part of the book the grip was missing for sometime. But narration was fine.

I found few grammatical mistakes in the book which was not expected from Leadstart Publishers. Book have 493 pages so it was very difficult for me to finish the book in one go . Editing could be little more impressive.

Overall it was very nice effort by Author and I will recommend it to those readers who want to read something new and interesting. I’ll surely want to read more from the author’s pen in future.





Story :- ⭐⭐⭐⭐4/5




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