History Revisited(Book Review)

  • Paperback: 168 pages
  • Publisher: Frog Books (10 May 2016)
  • Language: English

About the book-

Meet Nishant, Suraj and Sachin, three “unlucky” guys. Finding themselves stuck in the thirty-fifth century B.C after being plunged by a near death experience into a time portal, their luck flips around. They find themselves trapped in a bloody conflict raging between two opposing dynasties. They stumble upon a dynastic princess and her new born baby and resolve to unite her with her prince from the opposing dynasty. During their quest, they must seek a time locator that could allow them to return to their own time but not before they discover fantastical weapons which give them various supernatural powers. Overseeing the evil in the world, a demonic sorcerer wields the blackest magic and destroys the whole dynastic army. Can the three stop him or will they, like the army, perish in the attempt? Will they be able to finally return to their own time? Can they overcome their bad luck or has destiny planned something else for them?


I got the book in exchange of an honest review. In India an Author need lots of courage to write a science fiction and I really appreciate Nishant Joshi for this book.

When I held the copy of History Revisited in my hands, the first thing which attracts me towards it was it’s cover and second thing was it’s title. So, I expected a lot from this book.

Time travel has always been a favorite and most interesting concept for the humans and this is the reason why I expected a lot from this book.

Writing style of the Author is very simple and easy to understand. I really like the journey of  Nishant, Suraj and Sachin to discover the samay locator. The pace of the book was nice from start to end. And yes, ending of the book was fantastic. Narration was fine but editing could be little more impressive. For sometimes I lost my interest from the story and that’s why I skipped some pages. But overall a great effort by the Author.





Story :- ⭐⭐⭐⭐4/5



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