The Soft Target by Kalyan Nanda

Name: The Soft Target

Author: Kalyan Nanda

Publishers: Notion Press

Reviewer- Ayush Kumar

About the book-

Mohan Mishra is one of a kind person with a “blessed” or rather “differently blessed” by a weird kind of mental disorder.

He is a genius in mind, but when he opens his mouth, the only thing that gets out is gibberish. He cannot share what passes through his mind. This is the reason he is targeted and humiliated in every avenue possible. Even then he doesn’t lose hope. But God has planned something for Mohan.

He puts Mohan on another trial, taking away everything precious to him and testing him against many odds, but Mohan survives this every time. He also meets Nikhil and Brij, his supporting pillars through life who does not care that he sprouts nonsense. They cherish him for who he is. When life starts getting smoother…….

God enters as the villain!

He puts Mohan yet again on the biggest trail of his life, where Mohan has everything to lose. Will Mohan emerge unscathed? Will he choose the right path despite his problems? Will he take the easy way out?


The plot is very nicely written with an appreciating storyline. Every page brings a new reason to keep your vision hooked to it.

It interacts with the reader from the beginning till the end,  the book  has the power to leave a very enduring percussion on the mind of readers.

When it comes to writing style of the author, it is simple and effective but sometimes Authoress fails in creating interest in few chapters. Narration could be also little more impressive.

At first glance, cover theme looks beautiful. It reflects the story of book.

Overall a nice book with good pace.





Story :- ⭐⭐⭐⭐4/5



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