The Unbreakable Law- The Code of Destiny by Pragat Kasana – #BookReview

Book: The Unbreakable Law

Author: Pragat Kasana (@PragatKasana)

Publication: Pepper-Script

Genre: fantasy/fiction

Reviewer: Ayush Kumar

About the book-

The ‘Creators’ are not from Earth; ‘The Zeniths’ follow the ‘Code of Destiny’. Hersh’s quest is to help the Zeniths to defeat ‘The Seekers’, who are against the Code of Destiny. In his quest, he is faced with a myriad ordeals to make his way into the world of Creators where he realizes the real aspects of ‘The Unbreakable Law’ of power and destiny.


I  really liked the title and the cover and that is the reason of picking up the book. The texture and background of the cover were sync to make a nice appearence.

The book starts at a very fast pace and all the cards are opened in front one by one. With an amazing beginning and nice middle but ending was not very impressive.

The best thing about the book is-

1. The book runs at a perfect pace.

2.  The book have amazing beginning.

3. Characters were very cleverly chosen.

4. Author’s writing style is very simple and easy to understand.

Second part of the book was less interesting than first part which may force you to skip some pages. I think maybe the Author penned everything with such high precision that an easy and was just not easy to swallow.

I think this book is great attempt by Pragat Kasana.  The Unbreakable Law is one of a kind book with perfect pace. Overall it is a nice and different read and highly recommended. 


Story- **** 4/5

Narration-*** 3/5

Characters- **** 4/5

Cover- ***** 5/5

Overall- **** 4/5

About the Author-

Pragat Kasana is a graduate in economics (Honours) and is presently working with a nationalize bank. He has always been fascinated by fantasy fiction writing. With his keen interest in writing and constant participation in many short stories writing events, he brings to you his first novel – The Unbreakable Law.  


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