#Book Review- Blemishing The Odds

  • Paperback: 200 pages
  • Publisher: HALF BAKED BEANS; First Edition edition (2016)
  • Language: English
  • Reviewer- Ayush Kumar

About the Book-

Say hello to Raghav, an immature, insensitive person who is apathetic about everyone else except himself. His life revolves around his parents and his friends. He is among the bad books of all his Teachers. Until one day, when Trisha, a new entrant; mesmerizes him at the very first glance. He finds a friend, savior, nurturer and an inamorata in her. Just when he thinks that everything has been set out in a picture perfect manner, life throws a series of ghastly surprises at him. Will he change for good or stick to his immature stand of “My Life, my rules” and screw it all up? This tale journeys across all the ups and downs a student could possibly encounter. The transformations that a student may endure, the courage and guts one needs to have in order to dodge all predicaments and eventually sketch the perfect end to all his agonies.

I loved the cover of the book. It tells the tale in a very nice way and same I can say about the title. The elements added to narrate the story of the book in cover itself is done remarkably.

Reading this book was just like revisiting my own school life. According to me, The bright characters were the lifeline of the book. The narration was very simple. The vocabulary was very easy, Certain scenes in the book are really delightful that made the book a nice read.

Best thing about the book is-

1.The language is immaculate. I liked the flow of the novels.
2.The story was a treat to read, as it had some unique wow factors.
3.The characters are very strong.

According to me The only problem with the book is it’s ending part. The author had tried to make things more clear in the end and because of it things have reached different tangents.

To conclude, I believe this book is a great effort. I wish that writing career of Author will give us many interesting books in the future.


Story- **** 4/5

Narration-*** 3/5

Characters- **** 4/5

Cover- ***** 5/5

Overall- **** 4/5


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