Her Last Wish by Ajay K. Pandey- #BookReview


  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors (30 December 2016)
  • Language: English
  • Reviewer- Ayush Kumar

About the Book-

His father’s over expectations only ruined his self-confidence further with each failure. A ray of hope walked into his life as his wife, a charismatic personality spreading joy wherever she went. Everything is going per plan, but darkness comes knocking soon. He finds out that she does not have much time to live and takes it upon himself to fight all odds – even his family, if need be – to help her fight her medical condition. His father sees his own redemption in helping them, he knows his son will be a winner only if he will fight for her, with her. Will a defeated son prove himself to be a good husband? Will the father-son duo together be able to change the course of fate? Her Last Wish is an inspiring story of love, relationships and sacrifice, which proves once again how a good wife makes the best husband.


I’m familiar to Ajay K Pandey’s writing style, as I’d already read his ‘You Are the Best Wife’. I loved that book. And I was expecting same from this book too.
Its very intense yet somehow light and the anguish ending fills you with hope.This is about the content.

The book is a page-turner, this book is set to redefine stalking , romance , relationships and friendships. Excessive obsession centers the plot.It is fantabulous story and written with so much compassion and emotion. Yet In the middle of the story,i have already fallen for character Vijay.The book has a lot of things which were unheard for me.
His writings will take us deep in to the story and make us feel each and every word of it touching. I cant stop reading it untill i finish the book.

There were a lot of incidents after the middle portion and I felt that a little bit of overdoing was done.

What was nice is the fact that nothing was hidden. The author was very open with the readers. I liked the complete concept of the book. It was working in all terms for me.

Overall this book has great storyline and crisp plot the book has set a benchmark.


Story- **** 4/5

Narration-*** 3/5

Characters- **** 4/5

Cover- ***** 5/5

Overall- **** 4/5

About the Author

Ajay K Pandey is currently working with Cognizant, Pune. Although he grew up with a dream of becoming a teacher, destiny landed him in the IT field. Travelling, trekking and reading novels are his hobbies. Travelling to different places has taught him about different cultures and people and makes him wonder how despite all the differences, there is a bond that unites them. Trekking always inspires him to deal with challenges like a sport.
Reading is perhaps what makes him feel alive. Apart from writing, he wants to follow his role model Mother Teresa and make some contribution to the society.
His debut novel You Are The Best Wife was based on his life events and went on to become a bestseller soon after its release. It charmed many hearts and inspired several others to live every moment with love, peace and happiness


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