Paper Towns by John Green #BookReview

Title: Paper Towns
Author: John Green
Published: October 16th 2008 by Dutton Juvenile
Genre: Young Adult, contemporary, mystery, romance
Format: Paperback
Pages: 305

About the book-

Image result

Paper Towns is about Quentin Jacobsen, and Quentin is in love with the girl next-door Margo Roth Spiegelman who he used to friends with when they were little. But Margo is no regular girl next-door. Margo loves mystery. Quentin and Margo haven’t been hanging out much since they grew older, but one night Margo comes up to Quentin’s window, like she used to do when they were a lot closer. She asks Quentin to come with her because she needs him to go on a mission with her. Quentin comes with her, and they spend the entire night together on that mission. The next day, Quentin goes to school to find out that Margo isn’t there. Margo has ran away. She has done that before, and she always left some sort of clues for her parents on where to find her. But this time, the clues are for Quentin, and he is determined to find her.


One of the main things that I liked about this book were the characters. Critics of this book say that it is very similar to Looking for Alaska or An Abundance of Katherines, because the type of characters are very similar. In all these books, the main character is a guy that is a little shy, nerdy, and in love with an unattainable girl. But I have read all of these books, and I felt that they were very different and I really love the characters in this book in their own way. Quentin is such a great guy in many different aspects and he grows so much in this book. Through his search for Margo, he finds out that Margo wasn’t the girl she pretended to be, and this makes Quentin think about how people are different versions of themselves when they are with different people. This is a very interesting topic to read about because it is something I think a lot of teenagers can relate to. John Green made it so easy to relate to Quentin, and I felt all the feelings that he went through. At one point, he thinks Margo might have committed suicide, and I was so scared because I would be devastated by this just as much as Quentin would be. And also, at some moments I felt I was getting angry at Margo for hurting Quentin, but in the end I understood why she had to do what she did. It is amazing how John Green created a character that I wanted to punch in the face at some points, but on the other hand I totally felt for her and all of her actions were justified.


Story- ***** 5/5

Narration- ***** 5/5

Characters- ***** 5/5

Cover- ***** 5/5

Overall- ***** 5/5


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