An Ode to Shimla (Sanjeev Bansal) ~ Book Review


Sanjeev Bansal’s exquisite poems are epistles to the past, reflections upon the future and heartbreaking meditations upon the metaphysics of daily transcendence. One of the most subtly imaginative poets, Bansal bravely transcribes his love for the hilly terrains of Shimla into the charged intersections of love and rejection, nature and religion, loss and renewal. His poems are lucid snapshots developed in a subtle amalgam of memory and intuition. Lyrical and linguistically inventive and yet faithful to poesy of European gloom, Bansal investigates complex personal history, family and romantic love in carefully sculpted lines, thereby making his poetry an odyssey at once metaphorically and emphatically real.


I  really liked the title and the cover and that is the reason of picking up the book. The texture and background of the cover were sync to make a nice appearance. The title reveals a lot what the book is going to be in very short spell.

The best thing about the book is-

1.The chapters were short, clean and named very well.

2.Language was very simple and easy but effective also.

3.The language is immaculate.

4.The author has brilliantly woven his words.

But when it comes to mention drawbacks of the book then  I really don’t have any. All I can say is that this book is one time read.

Overall I liked this book. I will recommend this book to all my readers .Especially, if you  don’t want to spend much time on a book , then this book is definitely for you! Go grab your copy now! It is totally worth.

Ratings- **** 4/5


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